Music Event Website

    Static Musical Event promotional website made with ReactJs including a countdown timer.

    Simple Weather App

    A weather apps built with vanilla JavaScript. Shows temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius units alongside with a weather icon.

    Tic Tac Toe

    The Tic Tac Toc game which is in the ReactJs Documentation with tracking mechanism to track all movements made by players.

    Random Quotes

    Simple quotes generating application. A quote can be generated and shared in Twitter with a click of a button.

    RSVP App

    Simple RSVP application to built with React. People can be added into the a list and their status can be marked (Confirmed or Unconfirmed).

    Game Scoreboard

    Scoreboard application built with React and Redux. Add and remove player options are implemented. Supports multiple players.

    Burger Builder

    Onine Burger Ordering Application built using React and Redux. Consist a builder UI to add ingredients to the burger. Placing and tracking an order is possible through the app.

    Todo App

    A simple todo app built with ReactJs and React Hooks which uses localstorage to store todos entered by users. Include all CRUD operations.